Mixbook is a triple threat that can help you with photo cards, photo books and personalized calendars. All of the keepsake designs are good quality. Mixbook compares well to other photo card printing services from importing photos to design options.

One of the nicest things about this service is the one-card minimum. You don’t have to order 25 cards or even 10. You can order just one card, and there is a discount for any large quantities that you order.

Mixbook does not provide paper proofs per se, which can be beneficial for large orders. But with a one-card minimum, you could buy your design once and then order a large quantity later, assuming you have time for that. With Mixbook you cannot pre-order your envelopes, so you can't get a head start on addressing the cards to all of your friends and family. However, we got our Mixbook cards quickly so it's not a major problem.

This site lets you import photos from several sources, which is ideal. If a photo is too small for the area designated on your photo card, you will receive a warning icon, alerting you that you need a photo with higher resolution.

Along with choosing the design and style of your photo card, you can also choose the quality of the paper. However, there are no options for multiple envelope colors or lined envelopes, which is a drawback.

Mixbook met our full expectations with the extensive selection of holiday photo cards and templates. You can choose from dozens of party invites, birth announcements, graduation announcements, wedding invites and more. You can also start out with just a blank template and create a card that is entirely your own. In addition, we were pleased to see that this picture card service offers response card templates so you can get an idea of the guest list.

If you experience any difficulty while designing your photo card or during the ordering process, Mixbook offers many support resources to help you along the way. You can reach a support representative through email and live chat. There are extensive FAQs on the Mixbook website that provide additional assistance for any complications that may arise. Additionally, if you are not completely satisfied with your order, Mixbook offers a refund through its satisfaction guarantee.

Mixbook Summary:

If you want Christmas cards, birthday cards, baby shower invitations, graduation invitations or other greetings, Mixbook has the tools and features to make it happen. A few more options for envelopes would be an added advantage. But overall, Mixbook is one of the high-quality options for photo holiday cards we reviewed.



Mixbook features a design editor that lets you fully customize your card.

There are no color options available for envelopes.

The Verdict:

Mixbook lacks the option for lined envelopes and a few other extras, but the designs and the finished product are high quality.